Finsk Grafik fra Turku Printmakers Association, 6. september – 20. oktober 2014



Finlands ambassadør i Danmark Ann-Marie Nyroos og Næstveds borgmester Carsten Rasmussen åbner udstillingen den 6. september kl. 14.00.

Turku Printmakers Association 8 grafikere fra Turku Printmakers Association: Andrei Bakharev, Annika Dahlsten, Tonja Goldblatt, Markku Haanpää, Piia Lethi, Esko Railo, Veronika Ringbom og Hanna Varis.



Turku Printmakers Association is a regional artist organization. It is founded in 1933 and is the oldest regional professional printmakers´association in Finland. Its aim is to promote graphic art and printmaking and to bring printmaking to public attention. The association has 92 artist members and 99 supporting members. The association offers its members a possibility to work in a common studio and it also organizes group exhibitions, courses and visits to exhibitions. Turku Printmakers have a gallery of their own called Joella which is situated by the river Aura. Every year about 14 exhibitions representing various fields of visual arts take place in the gallery. In the gallery there is also a sale collection representing the works of the members as well as by guest artists.